Friday, January 7, 2011


What's there to say?  It's Friday.... but what makes this Friday different than say next Friday or last Friday?    I gots the kids!!!!

So this weekend will not be very exciting from a love and relationship standpoint.  Instead it's a hanging out with children sort of vibe... pancake breakfast and all.

Today was a little insane - too much to get into but....

I did have a fun texting convo with Cath - now granted I know she's still getting over her heartbreak, but obviously she's likes to shoot the breeze.  Now, it could strictly be a friend thing, I don't know -- I DO feel she's still in some mourning phase with the ex so I am being cautious... BUT, shit she's fun to talk to... I know, I know - I need to be careful because I risk really getting into her and then finding out suddenly I'm in the friend zone.  And no one wants to be there.

OK - I'm really tired, so we'll keep it brief.  I don't feel bad either - I think I've done a good job for my first week.

SIDE NOTE: Noticed a lot of commercials on TV tonight - FUCK THAT!!!!  Those commercials showing "real" dates are full of shit and can kiss my ass.

Alright... snooze time.

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