Sunday, January 2, 2011


I hear it's raining in Los Angeles... It just shows that even the sunniest of places have their cloudy days.  I stay in touch with my college friends who all ventured out West after college to pursue their dreams of breaking into show business.  They're always telling me how hard the dating scene is out there.  I don't know - I don't see much difference between here and there.  I'm sure it has something to do with the show business circles they run in.  Me?  I'm happy just buying my ticket online and enjoying an 8pm show at the AMC Loews in Boston Common (be it with my kids when they're with me or on my own)... Better yet, cable sure has plenty to offer nowadays... Man vs Food, a little Jersey Shore, or if I'm really lucky some cheesy 80s flick that people like to write off (Roadhouse is rather awesome).

But this information doesn't play into my new project here (cut me some slack - I'm new at this)... so, here is where things stand.  As I mentioned in my previous post I have been out and about living the single life and trying to discover what it is I want.  I mentioned that I believe the pursuit of love needs to initially be a selfish one.  I will take it one step further.  I believe both parties must ultimately be selfish in the initial relationship dance.  I need what I need and you need what you need... If you're busy trying to give me what you "think" I need and not putting yourself first there will come a point you realize you're not getting what you need... and vice versa.... right?

So be selfish at the start... more on this later.

So, there is a girl I'm interested in - her name is Cath (yeah, like the Death Cab for Cutie song).  I met her over a year ago and asked to go out (I was rejected for the simple fact she had a guy... so I didn't take it personally.).  I frequented the clothing store she worked at from time to time and always made it a point to be friendly, because... as they say... one never knows.  Having a "guy" doesn't always work out.

Well, of course, that day came and Cath and her man went their separate ways.  She seemed rather broken up about it given that this was someone she was clearly looking to go the distance with.  I don't know enough about what happened and even if I did I wouldn't share it with you (not my place to rattle off someone else's business).  The point being is I have taken the chance of approaching again and simply asked Cath to a coffee, drink, etc. sometime.  She agreed.  So, well see what happens and I will keep you posted when "sometime" happens.

Cath seems like a nice girl and clearly wants to go the distance with someone.  So, what's the problem?  The question I keep running through my head is "is it too soon?"  Given that it recently ended and she was heartbroken am I in rebound position?  I hope not... I'm not interested in being a rebound in this case, so I think it's important to proceed slowly... as I said, I will keep you posted.

Some other side notes:

Asked an old heartbreak to coffee (no specific agenda) and got a "no can do".

Texted with a gal who is down to meet for drinks, so we'll see.

Got written off by two women in the last 24 hours.  One I slept with and was left a little unnerved by the experience and the other I didn't sleep with and she's decided I've written her off for that reason alone... crazy times... crazy crazy times.

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