Monday, January 3, 2011


Nothing to report tonight....

not really....


Had some beers at a bar for a friends bday... He's a divorcee like myself, however he's been out there single longer than I have.  He recently came into having a girlfriend and he seems really happy about having her around.   The gift she brought him was very sweet and romantic - the kind of gift that tells you she cares about him.  Even if it doesn't last, she gave him a gift that was clearly creative and took some thought (the brilliant part is it didn't cost much) -- Basically, she just had him write his wish on a slip of paper that was attached to some balloons and then let them go.  How cute is that?  It's like his own little French movie.  I'm jealous - I would love for a girl to do that for me.  It really is the thought that counts.

On another note, I traded some texts with the girl whose down for drinks... continuing my flirtation.  Who knows what I think of her.  Will have to wait and see.  She's funny... that counts for something.

Now, the other girl (the clothing store one)... that's the one that I'm intrigued by.  And I really wanted to ask her to meet up tonight, but since she seemed amendable to later in the week I am going to be patient (but in all honesty, I almost slipped and gave myself an excuse to ask her out tonight - luckily for me I didn't do it -- but I came very close)

Who am I kidding?  There is no way she's going to go for me... is there?  Not to sound insecure but, I don't know.  I mean, one never knows - in the end it may be me who finds her uninteresting.  But, right now I look forward to Wednesday when I will see if Cath wants to grab a drink on Thursday (sounds like a good enough plan to me)

I wouldn't expect too much from tomorrow's post since I don't plan on doing much besides work.

Man, it would suck to go through the rest of this life alone.

- Heartless

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