Saturday, January 15, 2011


We all know what tomorrow is so I'm not going to labor on too much.  I expect the next entry to be a long disasterpiece.

However, I will say so much for my texting plan of attack with Cath.  Damn she's fun to correspond with - too fun (she's a funny girl!) -- I like that.  She makes it too easy for me to respond and get caught up in a brief exchange.  Not a bad problem too have.**

It does feel like a flirtatious dance is occurring, but I can't help but continue to be concerned about where her head's at post break-up.  I'm not going to think about it too much more because one thing I've learned is that if you get too caught up on something then you can actually manifest it into a reality.  I will not volunteer any thoughts to of "I don't think you're over it" or "you're not ready for another relationship", etc.  If I do, then that's exactly what will happen.

Rather, I will enjoy the process of continuing to get to know her and see what happens.

It's nice when you can get excited about someone.  Wish me luck YOLD readers.  I look forward to reporting back.

** UPDATE - Got a text from Cath at 2:15 AM (I was sleeping, and she accused me of exactly that)... then she said she was having some people over!  Did I just get invited over at 2:15 AM?  Holy Shit!  Nice... too bad I was already down for the count.  Note to self:  turn on the alert noise on my bberry so it wakes me up when I get a text... oh well... nice to be thought of in the early early AM ;)

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