Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Oooooooh what a cool day -- just look at the numerology that's in action.

Not too much to report - not because I can't think of some good stories to share, but rather than stay up and write you heartless bastards, I was having about a three hour texting convo with Cath.

I know you might think that's a good sign.... and I think  - well, I know I'm winning her over in some capacity.  But it's still very clear she's wrestling with the aftermath of her relationship.  And things may not fully be resolved.  I need to be careful as to how much I open myself up to this girl.  For the first time we discussed our individual experience with our break-ups.  Again, trying to be careful as I want to tread lightly since she clearly is experiencing some new things she has yet to... mostly, what her future is going to be since, as of now, she ain't marrying the guy she thought she was going to marry (I don't know if this book is closed however)... anyway - that's her business.

I shared a little about my divorce, outlook on it, waxed poetic about relationships and what not - you know how I do!

I think she's concluded that I am a solid guy...  not sure where it all will lead.  She was quite shocked to learn my true age - not that she's too young... but people never expect me to be a guy in his 40s.

Again, what I've learned is who we envision someone to be and who they really are can be a night and day difference.  I may end up not liking her - but so far it's been fun getting to know her... she's funny, sweet, and easy on the eyes... did I mention funny?  That's an important one... I like that.

Gotta run, kids -- more to share later!

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