Thursday, January 13, 2011


And he keeps going and going and going....

Man, I am sticking with this mofo -- It's my year and I'm loving it.... dangerously :\

So, what's there to report?  Oh so much!

As I mentioned, I had my moments of email weakness yesterday and sent some heatseeking email missiles into the internets... and what did I get?  Responses.

I already mentioned that Cath responded (as I expected her to) -- of course, I gave her some short fun answer in our exchange and left it at that...  Saturday, here we COME!!!

Now, for Mindy - How many out there think she responded?  Show of hands.  OK looks like a lot of you are pretty sure she did.  How many don't think she responded?  Hmmmm, not many... well, those of you who think she did can give themselves a nice pat on the back because ding ding ding.... I gots me an email... and was it a dooozy.

I am going to be honest.  The situation with Mindy is not black & white - there are shades of grey and levels and what not.  But she did respond and it felt "heavy" -- there were comments of me feeling hurt and her not liking to be made to feel bad -- I don't know.  It suddenly felt like we having a lover's quarrel again.  She referenced that this was just a rehash of what we've talked about in the past.

I really don't want to fault her on her opinion, but as I said in my response -- I appreciate her taking the time to share all her thoughts but it's making this all more serious than it is.  I said, I was happy to get on the phone and explain my point, but that I wasn't going continue sharing ideas and opinions via email because it leaves too much open for interpretation (or rather misinterpretation).  I left it at that.  I don't want to feel like I'm being misinterpreted.

I will share this though.  Her big position was that she just doesn't respond to every text or call (that's who she is) -- If she were dating someone yes, otherwise it's up to her if she wants to respond or not... FUCK THAT!!!

Look, even if it's just an "lo-fucking-l" or a "haha" most everyone responds (especially if you're trying to share a funny story with someone).  Even if you don't respond for a few days, you still eventually respond.  No response sends a message - I don't care who you are.  There is no trying to explain yourself out of it.  If that's who she is then that's a whacked way to deal with people.  Who wants that?!  And then say in the same breath that she was excited to run into me at a party but I was weird to her.  I was weird because she didn't fucking respond to me in the month prior.

And what does she say to my "I can't win" comment.  It not's about winning.

NO SHIT!  It's a figure of speech... I knew I should have gone with "I'm damned if I do..." - mental note for next time.

I'm glad I kept my response brief - I'll be surprised if she responds or calls... but hey, I didn't think I was going to get a response on this one.

In other YOLD news - I met this girl (we'll call her Darla) -- cute girl!  That's all there is to say right now.  I'm actually dealing with Darla on something business related so need to be patient.  But, she seemed cool!

Take care!

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