Thursday, January 13, 2011



I'm so stoooopid -- typical guy bullshit... I swear.

We do really dumb things don't we?  Especially when it comes to women.  I mean, take a girl who is completely wrong for us, throw in something about her that still draws you to her and what you got is a whole mess.

Two dumb moves took place - well, actually, not dumb... just more of "what was the point of that?"  I mean, I know what the point was... but it - well.... FAWK -- I don't know.  I hate technology.

OK, real quick:

First, I decide to email Mindy - DON'T ASK ME WHY!  I have my made up reasons of why it was viable to do so.  I simply decided to expand on my why I don't think I can win comment to her.  So I did.  I think I expressed myself pretty well and made sure not to make it whiny and what not.  It was matter of fact and honest.  I told her that a no response on a text or a call made me feel stupid or rather like a loser, so as a defense mechanism I send a half joking follow up to try and save face...pretty simple really... and like I said - honest.  I don't think that can be interpreted as aggressive, but I'm not her.  Anyways - that's the short version.  I doubt I will hear from her (which is fine - I expressed my thoughts which was all I wanted)

Dumb move #2 wont be a big deal as long as I can be good today and tomorrow and not text Cath until our Saturday plans.  Last night I was at a very cool little bar in her neighborhood, so after a few drinks I decided to shoot her a text just to let her know I'm "in yer hood" - which I was.  No biggie (nothing too stoopid).  NO RESPONSE.  Which again is fine.  I know in the exchanges we've had that she's not always responded right away, so I don't think I did anything that bad.  I just was hoping I could contain myself and not text after the long text session we had on Tuesday.  Oh well... like I said - not the end of the world.  I didn't drunk text her or anything.  I'm sure I'll hear from her and should still be on for Saturday afternoon.***

*** UPDATE: 1/13/11 - 10am -- she responded :)

It's interesting if you look at the two incidents above.  Both deal with texting/reaching out and not getting a response.  One bothers me and the other doesn't.  It must have something to do with the history I have with each.  Since there is no relationship with the second my expectations are much lower.  With Mindy, we've been through stuff together and therefore there is a greater expectation.

The lesson?  Manage your expectations, people.  If you expect too much you will almost always be let down in some way.

As you were.

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