Wednesday, January 5, 2011




Women drive me craaaaaazy!!!!!!!!

First off, I just wanna say I had a real nice dinner with my friend Josie - sure, we may have made out once... seriously, ONCE.... but, she's a cool girl whose been fun to pal around with over the last year.  And while I may have mellowed a bit -- and by mellow I mean that a year ago I would still be out, drinking and having fun... but tonight - I'm home - I'm typing this shit and just waiting for the inevitable LOVE to happen... if it ever does... Thanks for a great dinner, Josie - always good hanging.

Back to business.

So let's get this business out of the way...

Cath - asked her for drinks  - no can do and got a "next week?"  Christ!  What's that mean?  And next week sucks for me... I mean I am busy.  This is going to be tough -- FUCK!!!!  As you can tell by my use of profanity I've had a couple beers... BLAH!!!

Now, for the fucking coup de grĂ¢ce --- So, of course, I mentioned how I got the Mindy call last night -- you know, the old flame.  Of course, she never called me back after she had to suddenly get off the phone - but I get this BS email this morning saying "Sorry I didn't call back - nice catching up" -- Catching up?   That was hardly catching up... ugh... but it gets worse.

So, I respond jokingly "no worries - you probably came to your senses" -- Funny right?  Come on... it's funny - whatever.  No response!  Fine (wouldn't be the first time she's gone radio silent on me).  End of the day comes and I decide to return the favor on last night's call and ask her if she's got plans... again, no response -- what kind of BS game is this?  She can call me and see if I want to meet up, but I try to pull the same and keep getting the no response?  BOOOLLSHEEET!!  But now it gets worse.  I've had some beers, driving home and send a text basically saying that very thing and how it's not fair -- I of course punctuate it with a funny emoticon to not make it come across too serious... NOW I GET A RESPONSE - She says ... you know what - fuck what she said... it was some bullshit.  Basically telling me that I'm too aggressive and that's why we sporadically talk.

Look, I'm not some stalker - I'm a guy... and granted I don't handle every situation perfectly... but I am not aggressive.  I think in this case since we've been through the relationship ringer together she's very hesitant of me, which in turn makes her hypersensitive... which means no matter what I do, it's the wrong thing... I will not win. And I told her that... and I am happy I did.

So, I guess I'm done with that BS... it's so frustrating -- I put it back on her... She's the 33 year old who can't hold down a relationship.  I no longer think I'm the problem... I think she's the problem.. she has the problem - I don't know what it is, but there is no winning with her - I'm convinced... for now :)

I'm tired.  GOODNIGHT!!!!

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