Saturday, January 22, 2011


I wish people would leave comments (with exception of people I'm related to) because I am interested in knowing what other peoples opinions are on what I write about.

Like, when I ramble on about Cath I want to know if I sound like a sane person or a guy who needs to chill the fuck out and get over his OCD!

With that said, perhaps some of you will provide such commentary on this.  I don't get this whole Cath business. The girl definitely prefers the texting - she herself has said so.  And as I said yesterday, I am holding off initiating another convo (at least for this weekend).  Last texting convo was Tuesday (which I initiated - as I have always done)... we clearly have fun exchanges - I seem to make her laugh.  We talk about stuff.  I don't overly text her (every other day or so up until now)... but... why doesn't she initiate a text convo... is it somehow tied in to her recent break up?  In her eyes is it OK for me to text her, but she doesn't feel comfortable initiating.  I don't know.  I guess I'll just see what happens.

I don't get you ladies.

WIth that, I will add this.  I struck up a convo today at the office with a nice girl (let's call her Sandra).  I have seen her around over the months and just decided to start chatting with her.  She's seems cool.  I think I'll see if she wants to grab lunch one day... keep it casual.

It's important to continue to keep options open - it helps from focusing too much on one person (ie CATH!) -- So, that's it -- keeping it brief tonight.

Until tomorrow.  Thank you for reading!

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