Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm going to pump the brakes for a second here.  I was on the phone with someone close to me and we were talking about theYOLD... just in case there are those of you out there who are close and/or related to me and are possibly "concerned"... don't be.

Yes, I am exploring a different side of myself with this - one that I have yet to in writing.  It's easy to be funny and dismiss ideas with a joke.  While there are hopefully hints of humor in these entries, I am taking an honest stab at... well... being honest.  If you sense anger - sometimes I'm angry.  If you sense sadness - yes, sometimes I'm sad.  I'm pretty sure I even had an entry last week about what a great day I was having in light of being flaked on.  Yes, even happiness is possible.  What's my point?  None of this is to be construed as who I am 24/7.  I've got a life and one that I'm busy living.  So don't fret - don't be alarmed - I am merely trying to evolve... and evolution ain't easy, baby.

I am restructuring my DNA (both emotionally and creatively). I'm trying to approach things with a new perspective.  Part of that is being able to share the highs and lows of the experience - to share the insecurities we feel as men... to share the yearning that single men and women must feel (yes, even the ones who love their single life).  It's easy for me to be funny (or what I think is funny), but this is hard... and I'm enjoying the challenge of writing this blog every day.

btw - I appreciate those of you who messaged me off my previous entry.  I found the words insightful and helpful.  I even got some perspective on what was going on with Cath.  Perspective is always a good thing.  With that said it's been a great day... took the kids out, cooked them an awesome dinner, had fun chatting with some ladies on the bberry and God damn, Road House was on Directv in HD!!!!  See?  Not to worry.  I am doing just fine.

I look forward to my next entry - time to close the book on today and put this bitch to bed...

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