Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Video Dreams (Part 1)

The smell of Drakkar Noir and Sebastian Shaper Spray hung in the humid Encino air – It was July – Summer of ’88 – there was no escaping the ‘80s at this point, we were too far in. Cars filled with mid to late teens rolled down Ventura Boulevard towards various destinations unknown - however, all would invariably end like a John Hughes movie - at a house party in the hills followed by 5 AM pancakes at Dupars in Studio City.

While most were in search of that cinematic Friday night party experience, like the crew of peroxide blonde Valley girls dancing in the seats of their white Volkswagen Rabbit convertible to Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative”, Jeremy had other plans as he pulled on to the boulevard and cruised past.

Even though his red Honda Prelude was only a year and a half old the air conditioning never quite blew cold enough and so Jeremy had to contend with a lukewarm 78 degrees as he approached Laurel Canyon Blvd. It didn’t matter, he was used to it and he was more focused on singing along to Poison’s “Fallen Angel” that was playing full blast – Unfortunately, these full volume affairs were a common occurrence and he blew the speakers out after only a few months of getting the car – the song now sounded like it was playing through a wind tunnel inside an echo chamber outside an airport -- But Jeremy didn’t seem to care - in his head he was on stage at Universal Amphitheatre with Brett and the boys.

“Win big--Mama's fallen angel
Lose big--livin' out her lies
Wants it all--Mama's fallen angel
Lose it all, rollin' the dice of her life”

Just three hours earlier, before leaving work from SUPER Pie Pizza Palace, he had been offered the chance to hang with some fellow co-workers which would entail getting drunk and trying to scam chicks – a fairly normal social experience for someone of Jeremy’s nineteen years, but he knew better of his abilities to follow through on that wet dream. He knew the odds were against him – he knew because in that instant every moment he had ever faced in trying to close a deal with a girl flashed before him – the vision of him sitting across from a member of the opposite sex nervously trying to ascertain if she wanted him to go in for the kiss – he just never knew what to do with himself. He had no game, so he knew the night would most likely end in another solo voyage home, so why bother… at least for tonight. Historically, for the last year since he moved out on his own after graduating from High School, this was usually the more fulfilling evening – at least for now and until he loses his virginity.

While on the outside Jeremy was singing, the inside was a different story - he was mentally preparing for what was about to go down… this was something that always required finesses, discretion, and most of all, the ability to not pass out from the adrenaline rush. There was no avoiding what he had to do in order to get what he wanted. It was only a matter of time....

-- Stay tuned for Part 2

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