Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Video Dreams (Part 2)

Jeremy steered his Prelude left off Ventura Blvd and into the Vinetura Strip Mall at the corner of Vineland and Ventura. Jeremy always managed to smile whenever he saw the mall’s name, amused in how people would name a place by combing street names simply because it’s where the two intersected. Was it the same real estate guy using the same gimmick over and over or was it some poor developer who thought he was being clever; not realizing it was the oldest trick in the naming a strip mall game.

Aside from the mild amusement this thought gave him it didn’t really matter, because Vinetura was Mecca to Jeremy. Vinetura Strip Mall laid claim to the Holy Grail as far as he was concerned. The Prelude drifted into an empty parking spot and Jeremy’s eyes widened slightly as he took in the pink neon reflecting off his windshield.

The sign at “Video Dreams” was a masterpiece of ‘80s design; hot pink neon with cursive writing, along with a movie theatre inspired marquee listing all the new releases, let patrons know this was the place for all of your VHS rental needs. And if that wasn’t enough the slogan “every video you could dream of” drove it home.

Jeremy shut the engine and the Poison concert in his head came to an end… there would be no encore. Brett, CC, and the boys would have to wait - Jeremy had more important things to focus on. It was time for his ritual to begin. He may have physically been just getting out of the car, but his brain was already in and out of the store and back home safe in his bachelor womb.

Stepping towards the front door he led with a confident PUSH, but the door didn’t budge and instead made horribly loud rattle. Loud enough where people inside the store turned to see what the commotion was. A robbery? A fight? A bomb? Nope, just a poor schmuck who couldn’t seem to read the sign that says “PULL”. This was not a good start for Jeremy – he had been to this store on numerous occasions and could never quite get the door situation down. In fact, he was convinced that each week the manager must have been changing the hinges so he would never get it right – the asshole. It was clear though, Video Dreams was fast becoming Jeremy’s nightmare.

To be continued...


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