Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/9/11 - 3/15/11

Well, blogworld... you win -- I missed some days.  Work just got too heavy and I was going into SXSW with some massive responsibilities... something had to give.

So, I apologize to you dear reader for letting you down.  Sure, it would have been easy enough to write a sentence or two each day... but I was in the zone.  Too much responsibility and too much at stake professionally.  And whether it's my job, parenting, or  sex -- I try to give my all... and giving your all is not a hard thing to do when you give a shit.

The last 10 days were incredibly challenging, but I always manage to have some fun... and fun was had.  With that said, it's great to be home and with the two love of my lives... my kids.  I missed them and couldn't wait to see them.  It so easy to love them and they're so deserving of it.  Sure, there are moments and issues that come up, but without a doubt I love those kids.

So what does this lead me to talk about?  What wisdom do I have to impart that relates to theYOLD?  Well, here is something that may seem obvious, but I want to talk about it anyway... nothing beats a woman who knows how to sell it in bed.  Now, I'm not just talking about sell it when it comes to sex.  I'm just talking about selling it no matter what stage of fooling around you're at.  Women, let me tell you something.  It's one thing to try and be sexy and it's another to actually be it.  And I do think it's something that can be learned.  Granted, I'm sure every man has their version of what they think is sexy (I know I do)... and boy, I know when I encounter it... and I can say I've encounter it.  The true art of the sell is to convey your passion for whatever it is you're selling.  Be it insurance, a screenplay, a house... you better make that buyer think you give a shit or else they won't either (and they'll go elsewhere right quick!)... Same goes sex.

There are some inherent truths however - If you're not into it or don't necessarily like the guy, then it's hard to get behind the art of the sell.  Maybe you're just desperate and need some attention and then just get it over with.  I know it's happened with me.  But ladies, if you're into a guy (and the same goes for the guys, of course, being into a lady) you need to know how to close the deal ... and how do you close a deal?  By selling the shit out of it.

I can honestly say that I have been sold a time or two and it makes all the difference in the world.  The difference between a generous lover and a selfish one are easily detectable once you've experienced both... and I promise it's easy to figure out which is the best.

Nothing... I mean nothing beats having a woman rock your world.  I know for me... I'm not having fun unless she's having fun... that's art of being selfless, which to me is a crucial ingredient in this artform.  There is time enough for everyone to get what they want a long as you're willing to allow it and you want to allow it.

Seriously... make it happen!


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