Thursday, March 17, 2011


Fire in the hole!  Wait, that didn't sound right... sounds like an STD.

I've got a fire burning in me.... all at once and all of sudden I'm shot out of a canon - at least for the time being.

It continues to prove one thing.  Life is a series of good days and bad... I think it's easy to lose sight of it.  It's also easy to succumb to the bad and feel like things aren't going to get better.  And you know what I think breeds this sort of "life isn't getting better" mentality?  Routine.  Living your days the same way - Be it for work or pleasure.  Do the same shit all the time and life will soon seem dull and bum you out.

I'm fortunate in that my job is ever changing and it allows me to travel and have experiences.  Sure, there are clients I enjoy more than others, but overall there is a "you never know what's going to happen next" guarantee.  And the travel?  Nothing breeds opportunity like traveling.  There is something sexy about meeting someone while visiting a city.  I'm not sure what it is.  Maybe there is a mystery attached to it.  Like who is this person I'm suddenly meeting and how do we make the most of this moment before I have to blow town the next day.

I realize my life had been a series of self imposed routines before and now, post marriage I am open to just about everything.  When it comes to food, I used to eat the same crap.  Now, I enjoy trying new things as much as eating the stuff I already love.

Break the routine.  Do something different.  Challenge yourself to go out and be somewhere you've never been.  Go to your favorite restaurant and order something other than the dish you already love.

Kiss lots of women, guys.  Kiss lots of men, girls... and women if you're so inclined.  Just get the fuck out there because there is so much waiting for you.  And it's so great.  I can't tell you how much better people feel when they get out after a bad break-up.  I know it's hard and it feels like things won't get better.  But I've seen people change when they finally push themselves to go out after having wallowed in their sadness post break-up.  It may partly be escape and not wanting to be alone, but it also stimulates the senses to go out... even if you're standing at a bar and just watching people while you return emails or text with a friend.

Yes my YOLD friends, I am happy to say there is a great big world outside your door that's breathing with life and waiting to wrap it's big juicy arms around and lay a big fat juicy on the mouth kiss on you.

Now quit fucking around and go get her.*

*Damone from "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"

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