Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well Well I sit in my darkened office tapping away for your displeasure.  It's interesting.  I ran into someone the other night who said they had read my blog but had to stop because it was bumming them out.  I felt bad because I don't want to bum people out.  Granted, not every posting is a barrel of laughs, but I'd like to think that even in my most darkest hours there is some level of entertainment happening.

So please, if you read this and you find it depressing try looking at it through a different set of eyes perhaps.  I try to always be somewhat optimistic about what the future holds even when I'm down on myself.

Take tonight for instance.  I have a night off from the kids but no plans.  I can A) go home, fix myself some dinner, and go to bed or B) go out to a bar by myself to have a drink and see if something interesting happens... I tend to lean towards the latter although I don't usually like to go by myself.  But still there is no shame in sitting a the bar for a bite of dinner and a pint and just seeing what transpires.

Who knows who may walk into that bar...  if I go home I know exactly what will happen - I go out, I could end up like Jeff Goldblum in "Into The Night" and have a whole adventure unfold before me.  So you tell me what I should do... I think it's painfully obvious.  Worst case I have a meal and then go home and go to bed. Best case...?????

I'm out the door kids... talk to you later, gator!