Saturday, April 2, 2011

3/31/11 - 4/2/11

Sorry for the delay YOLD readers.  It's just been one pile of work on top of the other and I'm doing my best to fight the good fight on here.

So what is there to talk about?  What great insight will I let you in on?  Whose 
"kiss is on my list when I turn out the lights"?

None of yo biz on the third one.  I told you I am not going to write about my close encounters of the current kind anymore so stop pushing me!!!

I was driving home the other day and I was just exhausted.  My brain was mush.  I couldn't do anymore work.  SIDE NOTE:  It's interesting to notice that I have enough "work" that I could literally be at the office 24/7 and still not get everything done.  There seems to always be something to do.  Sometimes I wish life were as simple as a 9-5 job, but it's just not possible.  Oh well, back into it.

As I was saying - I was done on Friday.  Couldn't do anymore.  I was on my way home to get the kids and start the kids weekend, which I already decided would start with some CPK dinner since I just didn't have it in me to cook (translation: toaster over some chix nugs w/ fries and microwave something else... you get the gist!).  So, there I was sitting in traffic trying to make my way back to no one, babe - with the exception for my kids.  And I love them - I really do!  But when I say no one, I mean no one for me.  Just the thought of having someone waiting to meet me, be it at home, at a restaurant, in lingerie (obviously not with the kids around)... you get what I'm getting at - the thought of it, made me long for it.  Just someone to hug, give a kiss to, and just exhale a moment with would be amazing.  

I got a sense of this the other night when I was out and had just finished an event I had put together (and was a success I might add).  I went for a drink and sat there smiling as I read Twitter postings and emails about what a great event it was.  I was pleased and proud of the work I had accomplished.  But I got a bonus.  The person I was with chimed in and seemed genuinely happy for me and just echoed what I was thinking/feeling inside.  It was nice to get that validation from someone other than a work associate or family member.  That sort of praise use to come from my wife, but obviously that was over a year-and-a-half ago and it had been missing for a while.  All I know is it felt really good to have someone witness the work I did and then give me some praise.  It reminded of how important it is to get something like that.

I don't think I need to say much more than that.  It's a good point.

OK, YOLDers -- enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Umma do me - U do you - 

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