Thursday, February 10, 2011


What do you want from me?  Blood?

There is only so much writing I can do during the work week... especially when things are rolling along as they are.

I give you links -- video treats -- my BST (blood, sweat, and tears)... and what do you do?  You take and take and take and take.... did I mention you take?

Not to mention I've got a hacking cough that I have to drown in heroin flavored cough syrup at night so I can sleep which makes waking up in the AM feel like a Juggalo whose been rufied at an Insane Clown Posse show.

Anyways.... Me?  Alls good for the most part -- some things great, some things good, some things not so great. The USUAL...

I went to a concert last night and had a blast -- great band called Friendly Fires.  As I said on my FB page... I liked them before I went to the concert, but after seeing them live... I love them... they're awesome.

I will say I am completely over the whole camera phone hipster taking pictures of the band while they're performing bit... I mean, are you a fucking photographer for Rolling Stone?  How about you put the phone away and enjoy the show or if you feel the need to take a picture, how about you and your friends having a blast.... But just standing there taking a photo of the band performing each song is ridunk -- Oh, that's right, they look completely different when they performed the third song as opposed the first song.  Enjoy the show... you don't need to prove you were there... I believe you... and if I call bullshit, you can show me the ticket stub and then rub it in my face that I wasn't there.

Seriously, it's taking away from my experience to see all these hands in the air holding phones and taking pictures.... it's pulling me out of the experience... You're not hired press, you're a fan... act like one.

Also, you know your phone is NOT going to get a great shot to begin with... unless you've got your press pass and badass equipment ready to go, grab your beer, find your spot and sing the fuck along like the rest of us.  And don't try to video with it... What?  Who is going to want to look at a shaky ass video with audio that's so cranked up it sounds like Alien dying after Ripley torches the "bitch" in "ALIENS".

Show's over folks... go home.

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