Saturday, February 26, 2011


I had an interesting conversation the other day with a couple of women - a conversation about the beginning stages of a relationship.

Now, I've been out and about - dating and what not... With each date I'm presented with an opportunity.  And with that opportunity it's for me to determine what is and isn't right for me.  So, how do I decide what is or isn't right for me?

Now, I spoke before about assumption and how it's never good to assume anything.  If I'm dating someone and I feel myself begin to get insecure or start second guessing things I have two choices - either spin my wheels right out the situation or confront and simply ask for clarification on what it is I'm assuming... BUT - there is something else I need to let myself rely on... and that's instinct.  Assumptions, fear or whatever you want to call it - sometimes you have to go on instinct and what your gut is sensing.  Even if what your feeling isn't in line with the other person and what's really going on, you still know what it is you want and there is something to be said for not getting what you want.

I'm experiencing something now that I am going to hold off getting into... for reasons that will be explained later.  As I've said, I don't want to write about current relationships because I think if I do it I'm just waiting to fuck up a good thing.  Could you imagine if I started dating someone and it really started working out and she suddenly discovered I had a blog and had been documenting my pursuits her.. I think that would simply be baaad news.  Anyway, if my gut is telling me anything right now, it's that it's a pretty safe bet I'll be expanding on this post soon.  

Is any of this making sense?  I'm slightly delirious and have been working non-stop this weekend.

Bottom line - I feel like I'm still calibrating the internal love system and learning how to do all this for the first time.

I wish you all everything.

May love prevail.

Outtie 5000

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