Thursday, February 3, 2011


Due to crappy wireless service at my hotel, I was prevented from writing a mini masterpiece for this entry... NOW, you must suffer through this rushed, half-assed cockamamie stoof!

Here was my big thought on my drive home this morning...

As I continue to weigh in on my "complaints" about theYOLD and what my life is lacking I've come to realize some of what's preventing the forward momentum I seek in the department of relationships (sounds like some government agency).

When we're young, the world of options seems a lot smaller - combine it with an idealistic view of love and the pursuit of "the one" and we tend to really latch on to that first guy or girl that gets our juices flowing.  It's during this time we buy into the belief of destiny and "meant to be"... As you become older, wiser, and divorced, you are then thrust back out into that world of meeting and seeking... but you soon realize that there are plenty of people that can get the juices flowing and can stimulate you intellectually (and physically, of course).

I think the problem is there is too much product out there (I don't mean that in a derogatory sense towards either gender)... But, the truth is there are a lot of great men and women with lots to offer... think of it like boxes of cereal.  I mean I love me some Fruity Pebbles, but some good ol Frosty Flakes will do the trick too.  And don't forget Bran Flakes if you're into healthy options as well... they're all good, they all have their benefits.

I think part of what I'm facing is that I can meet a really cool girl, turn around, and there's another one... and another one?  Holy shit... another one...

This entry isn't intended to answer the question or to tell you what I think is right or wrong about this idea... but, I know that I really enjoy meeting people and I really enjoy meeting different types of people... and one isn't necessarily better than the other.... they're just different. So, how does one choose?  I would think women are vexed with this dilemma since they have guys throwing themselves at them from all different directions.  How do you do it?... you just have a type and go with it?  I guess that would make sense... I don't think I have a type... I really do like all sorts of women.  If you were to rundown the women I've hung out with over the course of the last year-and-a-half you'd have difficulty fitting me into any sort of "type" box.... as Sandra Bullock once proclaimed, "the profile doesn't fit the profile" -- and if indeed there were some common thread, it sure wouldn't be obvious from the outside... you'd probably have to spend time talking to each one, getting to know them and then perhaps you'd find some common thread that ties them all together.

Would be interesting to see if that were the case.

Hmmmmm, this concept is going to require more thought...

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