Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm feeling a new sense "ease" in my life.  I would never shout the words "I'm Cured!", but when it comes to women, I'm not getting ahead of myself.  I'm not sure why this is... is it the culmination of almost two years of healing... is it a maturation that wasn't there before?

Not sure...

But I do know that my anxiety has subsided a bit on the female front.  Perhaps I hit my relationship bottom a few weeks ago and a much needed visit to the therapist provided the perspective I needed to move ahead.

I'm learning my boundaries - I'm learning to not get caught up in the wheel spinning I used to do.  Fear and assumption are two words that do not help matters of the heart.

I think it's easy to fall back into the routine of being ruled by fear and assumption because they are two things I was very comfortable with - that combined with some childhood wounds that continue to be nursed and you got a messed up individual (or rather one that can shoot himself in the foot when it comes to the ladies).

Like I said - I would never venture to say I'm cured - I'm sure I will have down days... it's inevitable... accepting that fact allows you to move ahead without fear.  We are not infallible to our weaknesses. 

Can you dig it?

Advice From A Divorcee - #1

Two albums to keep you company during any break-up:

Noah And The Whale - The First Days of Spring

The Eels - End Times

These are both incredibly melancholy albums, but if you're like me, it's nice to have someone keep you company in your misery.  I hope they serve you well.

They now remind me of a time that has past... which is nice to say.

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